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I haven’t yet came up with a permanent thesis. I’m at a tug a war between the pros and cons of digital archives (databases). I do believe that by transferring documents into the digital world, it has granted researcher, students, and/or just curious people a much more easier life.  However, I do not believe that we should depend solely on databases and completely abandon the old fashion way of storing archives just to “save paper” or “save time.” I believe they are both equally as important and should both be kept alive. Manovich believes that “databases and narratives are natural enemies” but i think otherwise. If anything, they work hand to hand to create a more complete picture.

I plan to add the pros of both digital archives and traditional archives into the paper and how digital can solve the problems to narratives and how narratives can help digital to further advance into a better development process.

Basically, the physical copy supplements the digital copy.

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